Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Installation

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Installation is our specialty! As experts in Commercial Freezer Rooms and Cool Rooms Installation, we will be able to offer a “solution” that will be a remarkable addition to your business. We have access to all “major brands” for Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installation for our industry. Some installations that we have done include:
  • Hotels & Clubs
  • Bottle Shops
  • Restaurants & Takeaways
  • Processing Factories
  • Cake & Deli Displays
  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Salad Bars
  • Butchers
  • Ice Machines
  • School & Sporting Clubs


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In addition, we also offer our
specialized Maintenance Programs!!!

All “major brands” are available and we pride ourselves on ensuring we understand your needs fully before recommending the appropriate commercial refrigeration and air conditioning installation, as we know this is a serious investment for you and your business. We want to ensure that you have selected the correct system for your needs. We begin with our customer calculations and offer recommendations based on them. This is made with the understanding that you have given us the correct information, as well as considering your specific requirements. The given calculation is extremely important and can often be the major reason people are unhappy with their refrigeration system. If you give incorrect sizing, we cannot offer commercial freezer rooms or cold rooms installation that fits your space correctly. If we have the right sizing, there is no reason that you won’t be completely satisfied.
One of the big problems people have is not knowing whom they can trust to provide honest and knowledgeable information about commercial ice rooms and cool rooms installation. If you’ve already been searching, you’re probably used to getting one salesman saying one thing and then another so-called expert contradicting the first guy’s advice! So, how do you make the right decision for your needs when everyone gives you different advice on Installation? Simple: They must provide you with the engineering calculation, determining the correct capacity for your system before you sign up.
When a company gets too large, the owner loses touch and the end result, more often than not, is disappointment on both sides. This is because the owner of a refrigeration business will always strive harder than an employee to ensure the client is happy. Now, if you have a small, independent tradesman like us doing your commercial refrigerator installation, you will generally find that the quality and the whole experience is more enjoyable and meets your needs, because, once again, you have cut out the middleman, and he knows that you are his business. If you don’t really consider what you want before you purchase your commercial ice rooms or cold rooms installation, then a salesman will sell you stuff you don’t really want or need.
Once you know the right capacity of the commercial refrigerator system you need, how do you then get the best price on your commercial freezer rooms and/or cool rooms installation? You see, most commercial refrigeration companies offer a supply and installation service to you. By using our company, you know you are getting what you need when shopping for refrigeration.

3 Reasons to consider before choosing a contractor for your new Commercial Refrigeration Installation.

You have complete control of the installation process.

You know the tradesmen that are coming through your door, and you have discussed everything with them before they even start, which keeps you from getting ripped off or overcharged for something you didn’t want. And, it ensures that you get the very best commercial refrigeration and air conditioning installation that suits your needs and that nothing was lost in translation.

You will only have the most “efficient and reliable brands” that we use and recommend.

After being in business for over 25 years, we believe we have seen the pros and cons of most brands out there. We only recommend the best and most reliable units on the market for your commercial ice rooms and cold rooms installation. And, we will only use and recommend the systems that we are confident will be the most reliable— which means you’re getting the very best system that is on the market.

You work directly with the Tradesman, saving you time and headaches on your installation.

You will “minus the middle man” when working with us on your installation. We always have your best interest in mind and work hard to offer the finest solutions for your needs.Tab content





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