Pine Valley Flower Wholesaler

Pine Valley Flower Wholesale

Pine Valley is one of the largest flower wholesale companies in the country.  Currently they provide flowers to most retail outlets.    They have been a customer of ours for several years and this is the 2nd stage project that they contracted us to complete for them.

Main Cold room 9600 cubic meters Commercial Refrigeration Qld opted to use 4 x 20hp Units having a capacity of 160kw of refrigeration.

This was required in a very short time frame.  This installation had to be completed well before Mothers day so it was all hands on deck and working allot of long days to complete in time. 

This project was particular interesting as the usual installation of units on top the roof of the building was posing a problem.   The location of the units installation area required a 70m crane boom lift which would off required a massive and expensive crane.

Paul had a bright idea to use a Helicopter to lift the units instead of crane which was allot less time and cost. The lift was carried out early one Sunday morning with ease and a lot less time and cost to the owner.

The project was carried and completed on time with another happy customer.

Thank you Lyle and Brad for allowing CRQ to handle your projects.