Canon Foods Project

Cannon Foods – Stage Two

Cannon Foods contracted Commercial Refrigeration Qld to complete stage two of the facility.   The existing facility at Eagle Farm site consisted of 2 x old freezer rooms and 1 x main cold room all being over 15 years old.

With Canon Foods owner demanding a high level of expectations from his refrigeration equipment, he asked Paul from CRQ his opinion on what was required to bring his facility up to standard.   Paul worked with the owner and came to the best option, which was to pull out the old refrigeration equipment and install new updated cost effective equipment.

Commercial Refrigeration Qld install 2 x 16hp Variable speed compressor and 4 evaporator coils to the 2 freezer rooms and 1 x 15 hp compressor and 2 evaporator coils to cold room section.

We did a complete rewire of the main refrigeration switch board to also bring it up to standard.  The boys put in a big effort once again to get Canon Foods up and running quickly without to much down time.   

Canon food were very happy with the end result.

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