Koz Warehouse

Konyza Korean Wholesale food approached Commercial Refrigeration Qld to build them a new purpose built cold storage facility at Richlands Qld. This facility will be used for importing wholesale foods.

Commercial Refrigeration Qld spent allot of time with Konyza working out what requirements they would need for their project.  Once a final size was decided a 4000 cubic meter -22 degree c room and a 6000 cubic meter 2 degree c room was built.     It was decided that we would use 150mm Panel on both rooms given the shear size and we felt that 150mm panel would be stronger installation.

The Cold room we installed had 2 x 35hp Copeland Stream units and 4 Heavy duty evaporator coils having over 110kw of refrigeration capacity.   The freezer had 2 x 32 hp copeland stream units with 4 heavy duty evaporator coils having a capacity of 75kw.

We also installed LED lights, safety lighting and digital controllers to rooms.

The installation was very challenging with long pipe runs and temperatures of over 50 degrees some days on top of the rooms.  Our client had a time frame of 12 weeks but our staff work fast and hard to make sure we meet our clients time frame completing in under 10 weeks.  Our clients were extremely happy as it gave them extra time to complete their fitout.