BioHawk Project

Bio Hawke 

Scantii Constructions contracted Commercial Refrigeration Qld to build a new Manufacturing facility for Bio Hawke.  This project consisted of numerous rooms with multiple running temperatures to suit their needs.

Two of the larger rooms were:

Freezer room running at a temperature of -22 degrees  Size: 1500 cubic meters.  CRQ opted to install 2 x 16hp Variable speed compressor units and 2 high velocity evaporator coils.  Total refrigeration capacity was over 50kw 

Production room running at a temperature of 18 degrees Size: 2500 cubic meters. CRQ  installed 1 x 20hp condensing unit with multiple evaporator coils.  

There were numerous other 18 degree storage rooms to which CRQ installed purposed built refrigeration equipment.    This installation went for several weeks and was installed and completed within the builders time frame.  Another happy customer for CRQ.